Going Green

Solar Energy

Since December 2015 has Hillwatering Country House a Solar Panel system installed

Almost every day we use this system so we do not use any electricity from the grid.

In the evenings when we have a power loss due to a thunderstorm or something else we use the batteries from the solar panels.

You will not notice there is no electricity, because the back-up kicks in immediately.


We recycle as much as possible.

We collect:

1. Plastic bottles (water, soda etc)

2. Tins cans (beer, soda etc)

3. Glas bottles

We collect those items and once in a while we bring them to a recycle compagny.

Rain Water

In 2017 we have bought a 2200 liter water tank and connected one of the rain gutters on the back to it so we can use rainwater to water the garden in the dry season.

Connect with us

Tel – 013 764 1421  |  Cell – 072 553 9285

Email – info@hillwatering.co.z

Web – www.hillwatering.co.za